Placing requests | Suspending holds

You may have up to 25 requests on your card at one time. The 25 includes requests for on shelf material at other branches, requested items that are ready for pickup but have not yet been checked out, or suspended requests. Also, expired or cancelled holds still on the hold shelf must be checked in before they are removed from the list of your 25 requests.

How to place a request

  1. Connect to the catalogue and search for an item 
  2. When you have found the item you want, notice if the it is "Available" or not ("All copies in use" or "On Order").
  3. If you want the library to hold the item for you or if you want your name to be put a list to wait for the item to be returned, click on the "Place a hold" link.
  4. Enter your library card number and PIN. Choose a location where you want to pick up the item.
  5. If the item is currently "In library" at one of our four branches, you should be able to pick it up within two days. In either case we will notify you when the item is ready for pickup. If you have signed up for email notification, you will be notified by email, and if you haven't, you will be notified by phone. Once the item is received for you, it will be held for five days.

Suspending holds

If you are going away, you can suspend your holds until you return so you don't miss them. This keeps your place in line if you are on a long hold list. If your hold reaches the top of the list while you're away, it will be "skipped." When your suspension ends, your hold automatically becomes active again, and you will get the first copy that becomes available on or after that date. We recommend using the My Shelves feature in our catalogue to keep track of titles for future interest.

How to suspend your holds:

  1. On the BPL website, click My Account.
  2. Log in with your BPL username or barcode and your PIN.
  3. Under My BPL, select "Holds."
  4. Choose "All" to select all holds, or check the boxes next to specific holds.
  5. Click "Suspend," and select the date you'd like your suspension to end.

To view or change suspended holds:

  1. Under My BPL, select "Holds."
  2. Click "Suspended."
  3. Choose "All" to select all holds, or check the boxes next to specific holds.
  4. To change the end date, click "Suspend" and select another date.
  5. To cancel the suspension, click "Activate."
  6. To cancel the hold altogether, click "Cancel."