Returning borrowed items

COVID-19 update: For health and safety we can only accept returns through the book drops. Due to a high volume of returns, there may be delay clearing items from your account. There are no late fines.

After-hours book returns are available at all branches, and are open when the library is closed. Items returned after the library is closed are checked in the next day. Items that can't fit through the book return or that can be easily damaged can be returned at the service desk.

Bob Prittie Metrotown

Book returns are located to the left of both entrances (east and west side of building).


Returns box is located to the right of the front doors of the Cameron Branch and Recreation Complex (Cameron St. side of the building). There is a path around the building from the back parking lot.


Returns box is located to the right of the main entrance.

Tommy Douglas

Return boxes are on the west side of the building (Walker Street-Main Entrance). Tommy Douglas also has open hour returns boxes that are just inside the main entrance doors on the left side.

Returning material to other libraries

You can BPL items, with the exception of interlibrary loans and speed reads, to any library in the InterLINK area. Items are checked in when they arrive back at BPL.

If materials are returned to any of these libraries by their due date, they will not be considered overdue when they are returned to BPL. It can take up to two weeks for items to arrive back at their home library. You may still receive an overdue notification, but once we get the items back from the library you returned them to, they will be checked in and cleared from your account. Items borrowed with a BC OneCard may be returned to any public library in British Columbia.