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Points to the Past provides access to primary source historical material, including maps, photos, newspapers, manuscripts, pamphlets, portraits, sermons and poems for research, teaching and learning. Includes titles from the Smithsonian, publications and archives of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, documents from the Slavery and Anti-Slavery Transnational Archive, treatises, state papers, declassified documents, British literary manuscripts and more.


In the library and at home (no library card required) within BC.

PressReader provides access to over 6,000 publications (newspapers and magazines), in over 60 languages from 100 countries. The platform can support unlimited, simultaneous users.

PressReader app | PressReader getting started guide | PressReader help

Note: The Globe and Mail changed its license with PressReader and is available in-library only as of August 2018.


In the library and at home with your library card.