Eligibility of service

HLS patron

To inquire about our services or to register for any of the services below, please contact Home Library and Accessible Service by phone, email, or in-person. 

Home Delivery

Home Delivery service is available to Burnaby residents of any age who are confined to home for three months or more because of ill health, frailty, visual or physical disability.

Senior citizens who cannot use the library because of lack of transportation are also eligible for this service.

Decisions on eligibility for individual home delivery service are the responsibility of the Chief Librarian, or designate, and are based on policies established by the Burnaby Public Library Board.

Institutional Delivery

Residences and institutions in Burnaby, including private residences, care facilities, private hospitals and seniors' housing, serving people who are unable to use the library, are eligible for individual home delivery service or deposit collections of books and other materials.

Residents of institutions which serve mentally or physically disabled individuals, regardless of age, are also eligible for individual home delivery service or deposit collections of books and other materials.

Accessible Audiobook Services

Because we partner with service providers that function under the Canadian Copyright Act to provide accessible material to eligible patrons, our Accessible Audiobook Service is limited to patrons who have a 'perceptual disability', which is defined by the Act as:

A disability that prevents or inhibits a person from reading or hearing a literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work in its original format, and includes such a disability resulting from

  • (a) severe or total impairment of sight or hearing or the inability to focus or move one's eyes,
  • (b) the inability to hold or manipulate a book, or
  • (c) an impairment relating to comprehension;

"Copyright Act." In Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1985.

Section 32 of the Copyright Act permits service providers to reproduce published materials in alternative forms to make material accessible for people with perceptual disabilities. However, because the Act extends the right to only those with perceptual disabilities, we must limit access to this collection to only those eligible.

When registering as an Accessible Audiobook patron, we will ask for your contact information, reading and delivery preferences, and reason for eligibility. We will also ask you to sign an eligibility form declaring that you are a person with a perceptual disability and agree to our terms of verification if needed.

Please note that Burnaby Public Library retains this information for the purposes of contacting you and for your library service at BPL. We keep your information only for the duration of your membership with us.

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Questions? Phone us at 604-436-5423 or email us, and our staff will be happy to assist you.