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Full text of Gale's Business Plans Handbook (1993-2011). Includes sample business plans for manufacturing, retail and service industries in North America. This resource is made available by funding from the Sutherland Foundation and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.


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This continuously updated company directory allows you to access comprehensive information on 1.5 million Canadian businesses. Find contact information, owner's name, credit rating, sales volume, number of employees and more.


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Full text of thousands of computer, technical and business books from top publishers, including O'Reilly, Sams, Microsoft and more. Includes a selection of titles covering health and fitness, family, DIY projects, and travel. 

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SimplyAnalytics is a web-based mapping, analytics, and data visualization application that makes it easy for anyone to create interactive maps, charts, and reports using 100,000+ data variables.

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Recommended websites

Business news | Small business | Finance, accounting and taxation | Investor education | Stock exchanges | Business directories

Business news

World Bank's Business Planet maps data from five key databases: Doing Buiness; Enterprise surveys; Privitization; Private-Investment and Entrepreneurship. These data surveys allows investors to identify ideal economies that will help their business.

The Financial Times news agency's website provides up-to-date business news and analysis and reports on global businesses.

Globe & Mail's Globe Investor website on business that provides news coverage on current issues, market trends, statistics, business analysis and reports on business.

Full text reports, often with detailed financial statistics and publications on the economic and financial situation of 186 countries are published by the International Monetary Fund.

This website provides customized reports, statistics and market news obtained through Statistics Canada and the US Census Bureau; allows you to find domestic and foreign trade and investment sectors and new emerging markets worldwide.

Yahoo Canada's website includes stock quotes, news, and information on investing & personal finance in Canada and around the world.

Small business

This website site brings together resources for businesses: writing a business plan, researching markets, finding suppliers, plus BC economic statistics.

BizPaL is an online tool by the Provincial Government for searching and determining the required licenses and permits when starting or operating your business.

This online handout provides information on small business startup and growth support services tailored to Indigenous entrepreneurs and small business owner needs.

This member-based business association of Burnaby provides resources, publications, facilitates workshops, networking opportunities and provides services such as business registration, business name approvals for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals.

The Community Futures BC website has information on programs as well as funding options and grants for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

A Government information center that lists programs and services offered by the Government of Canada for small and medium-sized businesses. Links to guides, reports, statistics and information on how to set up and start a new business in Canada.

One Stop Business allows new and potential business owners to apply for and register a business, renew and obtain liquor licenses and get a unique Business Identification Number (BIN).

SBA is an online tool designed to provide access to industry-specific resources and information. Business librarians curate the SBA and ensure resources are current, accurate and relevant to B.C.

Small Business BC is a non-profit organization that provides one-to-one advice to people wanting to start their own business. This website has guides, forms, publications, an interactive business planner, trade show information and import/export information.

Women's Enterprise Centre is the leading provider of business resources for BC women, from newcomers to entrepreneurship to business owners. The services range from business lending programs, a business advisory service and an online business resource library alongside events, workshops and networking opportunities. Included are business loans for women-owned businesses in BC accompanied with free business advice, business skills training and access to mentors.

Finance, accounting and taxation

The Bank of Canada's website provides accurate, in-depth and current information on Canadas economic data, reports on business and rates and statistics for the past 10 years. 

The Canada Revenue Agency's website lists forms and publications that can be downloaded. Information regarding taxes for individual taxpayers and businesses is available online.

Published by the Rogers Media group, Canada Business Online has business news, stocks and funds price, current market watch tools and financial advice, RRSP planner, RESP guides, all types of insurances (insurance center).

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation website provides information to taxpayers on current tax policies, advocates and fights ways to lower taxes.

Unclaimed bank balances and dormant accounts from Canadian banks can be searched using the Bank of Canadas website.

Investor education

Provides advice for potential investors on Canadian and US publicly listed companies. Includes links to company websites, electronic annual report filings and daily quotes.

Big Charts includes prices on a specific day back to 1985 as well as investment research and provides interactive charts, and also most current market news advice.

InvestRight educates Canadians on how to invest wisely in Canada, conduct background checks, avoid getting scammed and investment fraud and being aware about the markets.

Standard & Poor's website provides investors around the world with investment research and data as well as financial advice and opinions from financial analysts and decision-makers.

Annual reports, company filings, and other documents legally required to be filed with the Canadian Securities Commission can be searched using the SEDAR database.

Stock exchanges

As part of the TMX group, The Montreal Exchange's website allows you search for stock options, quotes, trading activities and publications on commodities and stocks listed on the Montreal Exchange.

The NASDAQ's website has information for investors on the days stock quotes for stocks, funds, and options. Investors can also learn about market activity including indices, charts and market watch and economic news and data information.

The NYSE Euronext is one of the worlds major equity trader and the website provides up-to-date listings for bonds, interest rates, cash equities, market watch and current economic and financial publications and news for investors.

The TSX website provides up-to-date market information, market data, market watch and provides trading capabilities in equities, stocks and shares.

Business directories

The Burnaby Board of Trade provides a searchable directory of member businesses and service providers in Burnaby.

The Canada's Top 100 Employers was first published in 2000. Employers are rated and assigned grades as part of the Canada's Top 100 Employers competition. This website provides comprehensive information on their profiles and backgrounds.

Compiled by Industry Canada this website provides access to databases of Canadian companies.

The Europages business directory website allows you to find and search for buyers, suppliers, distributors and exports across Europe.

A comprehensive directory of more than 40,000+ suppliers of industrial products and services; manufacturers and distributors in the Canadian marketplace.

Provides contact information for millions of companies in 70 countries. Allows you to search by service keywords, product, and trade names

An online version of the multi-volume reference allows you to search for US manufacturers and service providers of all kinds of materials. In order to search the directory, free membership is required.

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